About me

I’m Raido Rohtla - a digital interface designer with more than a decade of experience in the design field.

I focus on designing clean and usable websites, apps and also larger environments such as intranets and ERP systems. In addition to that, I'm also able to bring most of my design work into life through quality front-end coding.

My design skills

I'm most experienced in designing all kinds of digital user interfaces - mainly websites, but also mobile apps, intranets, ERP systems and alike.

I usually get involved in the design process after the first UX research and analysis is done. From there on I can help with creating wireframes, prototypes, testing and finish up with the final UI design ready and prepared for coding.

In order to offer a holistic design service, I can also provide you with a logo design, branding resources, icon designs, photo editing works and print designs (posters, rollups, brochures, business cards, etc.) if needed.

To sum it up:
  • I can create user-flows, wireframes, and prototypes
  • I love to design any kind of user interfaces
  • I'm happy to create logos and branding resources
  • I can design icons and simple illustrations
  • I'm able to provide print materials and other supporting design services
My tools of choice:
  • Sketch or Figma for interface design
  • Adobe Photoshop for working with photos
  • Affinity Designer for drawing vector assets (logos, icons, illustrations, etc.)
  • Invision app for prototyping
  • Zeplin for handing over the design
  • Adobe Indesign and Illustrator for print materials

My front-end skills

Want me to bring the design into life also?

I have plenty of experience with HTML/CSS and javaScript, so I'm able to deliver working responsive prototypes with quality markup which can then be developed further.

By providing HTML/CSS prototype to my own design, I can ensure that nothing gets lost in the communication - the result is an outcome that looks, works and feels exactly the way it was meant in the design phase. All effects, animations, and micro-interactions are in their place and everything is pixel-perfect by default.

When writing markup, I use up-to-date technologies such as flexbox and grid and I also use modular approach with BEM structure to keep everything re-usable and understandable for developers.

Tools and languages I use:
  • HTML5 + pug
  • CSS3 + scss
  • javaScript
  • jQuery
  • Git
  • Gulp
Here's what

My partners say about me

I have had the fortune to Work with Raido for 5 years now, and in every project, he has delivered according to the wished rate of quality and always on time and budget. Raido is a rare designer who manages to balance both the projects goals and his creative force without any conflict. He is structured in his work, not afraid to speak his mind, he understands that his work is to be used by real people afterward, and he is flexible enough to let others opinions matter just as much as his own. In short words: an awesome designer to have on your side - 5 years of partnership speaks for itself.

— Roy Arne Fylkesnes, Founder & CEO of Arego Digital Agency

Raido has helped us with several projects consulting UX/UI solutions and implementing designs for web and mobile apps. He has strong skills with good eye for clean design and can work independently yet be flexible in accommodating specific needs which we or our clients have had in any stage of the development.

— Robert Pallas, Devtailor Board Member

After working with Raido for over 4 years, I have only experienced the same focus, dedication and creative solutions no matter the size of the project, solution or type of client. He has a unique way of understanding each client's needs and makes my role as a project leader so much easier by questioning solutions that might not be needed, finding better ones and giving me all the information I need to inform the clients on why we suggest the solutions we do.

Designs are always amazing, he is coding bug-free, and many of his design projects have been among new clients "wish lists" when they contact us for a job. He is also good at multitasking, handling both big and small tasks always delivered before deadlines and he works really fast with quality. He also has a great sense of humor, making each project fun to be a part of! Just be on the watch for hidden kittens in the designs...

— Ida Tverborgvik, Project Leader and consultant at Arego Digital Agency
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